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Responding to the needs of missionaries so they may be more enabled to reach the world for Christ.


EdenRidge at a Glance


EdenRidge is a missionary-focused retreat and vacation destination located on the Cumberland Plateau in East Tennessee. Featuring six beautifully appointed cabins, the Welcome Center, World Missions Park, and our newly constructed Prayer Park, EdenRidge welcomes 1,500 missionaries and Christian workers annually from around the world.

Located on the Cumberland Plateau 2,000 feet above sea level — the highest point between the Rockies and the Smoky Mountains — EdenRidge guests enjoy a mild climate with four distinct seasons that complement the abundance of natural wooded splendor, wildlife, and beautiful mountain views. 

EdenRidge exists to serve missionaries by providing a retreat center focused on them with no concern about the lack of sufficient funds to be able to come.

The key word at EdenRidge is rest. For some, rest may mean relaxing in one of our well-appointed guest cabins, while enjoying the beauty of God's creation. For others, it might be enjoying time as a family at some of the great parks and attractions in the area or the many amenities in nearby Fairfield Glade. After a stay at EdenRidge, our prayer is that missionaries will be well-rested, renewed, and ready to move forward in the place God has called them. 

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