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World Missions Park at EdenRidge is a tribute to missionaries who serve around the world. The park is located next to the Welcome Center and features an impressive natural rock outcrop, a pond, three waterfalls, a creek, a steel globe, as well as benches and night lighting. Grab a cup of coffee at the Welcome Center and enjoy the view! 


  • Joni Beckman

  • Rodger and Jan Brumbaugh 

  • Dave and Juliane Clark

  • Ed and Dee DeVries

  • Alexander, Liana, and Kaylee Dossmann

  • Oliver and Rachel Dossmann

  • Don Eisenberg

  • Richard and Francine Engle

  • The Farrow family

  • Skip Freitag

  • Jan Groen​

  • Vaughn and Maralee Groen

  • Jim and Anne Grove

  • The Hassell family
  • The Heppner family

  • Billy and Irma Jordan

  • Gary and Kathy Meier

  • Eric and Kristanna Richardson 

  • Ezra, Josiah, Gigi and Pascal Richardson

  • Kevin and Kendra Rose

  • Charles and Patricia Scott

  • Kelly K. Sherman

  • Philip C. Smith and Mary Ferraro Smith

  • Bob and Cristy Tiedemann

The construction of World Missions Park was made possible thanks to generous donations received from the following individuals, churches, ministries, and businesses:

In Honor of

  • Aubin - Claye family 

  • Lois Brown and Lola Huber

  • André and Denise Claye 

  • Ron and Barb Cline

  • Martin and Florence Domokos

  • Daniel and Françoise Dossmann 

  • Dossmann family 

  • Jean-Claude Dossmann 

  • Tom and Lois Fulghum 

  • Susanne Frerichs

  • Samuel and Hélène Grandjean

  • Clark Groen 

  • Roger and Simone Guichard 

  • Gene and Ruthie Jordan 

  • Robert and Louise Jordan

  • Alfred and Heidi Kopp

  • Etienne and Virginie Krémer

  • Willis and Lois Oglesby

  • Matante Henriette Ricur 

  • Rachel Saint

  • Wallace and Rebecca Sibley

  • Fredrick and Hilda Tiedemann

World Missions Park Construction - 2021

The construction of World Missions Park took place in the spring and summer of 2021. These contractors and volunteers worked hard to make this vision become a reality:

  • Shane Allred

  • Joni Beckman

  • Brian Clark

  • Jeff Dayton

  • Tyler Dayton

  • Oliver Dossmann

  • Skip Freitag

  • Joe Gay

  • Jim Grove

  • Terence Halonie

  • Justin and Liam Hassell

  • Dylan Headrick

  • John Moses

  • Tim and Wendi Pickel

  • Bob Tolich

  • Arnold Von Hagen

  • Jacob Voss

  • Alex Woodard

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