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World Missions Park at EdenRidge is a tribute to missionaries who serve around the world. The park is located next to the Welcome Center and features an impressive natural rock outcrop, a pond, three waterfalls, a creek, a steel globe, as well as benches and night lighting. Grab a cup of coffee at the Welcome Center and enjoy the view! 

The construction of World Missions Park was made possible thanks to generous donations received from the following individuals, churches, ministries, and businesses:

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  • Joni Beckman

  • Rodger and Jan Brumbaugh 

  • Dave and Juliane Clark

  • Ed and Dee DeVries

  • Alexander, Liana, and Kaylee Dossmann

  • Oliver and Rachel Dossmann

  • Don Eisenberg

  • Richard and Francine Engle

  • The Farrow family

  • Skip Freitag

  • Jan Groen​

  • Vaughn and Maralee Groen

  • Jim and Anne Grove

  • The Hassell family
  • The Heppner family

  • Billy and Irma Jordan

  • Gary and Kathy Meier

  • Eric and Kristanna Richardson 

  • Ezra, Josiah, Gigi and Pascal Richardson

  • Kevin and Kendra Rose

  • Charles and Patricia Scott

  • Kelly K. Sherman

  • Philip C. Smith and Mary Ferraro Smith

  • Bob and Cristy Tiedemann

In Honor of

  • Aubin - Claye family 

  • Lois Brown and Lola Huber

  • André and Denise Claye 

  • Ron and Barb Cline

  • Martin and Florence Domokos

  • Daniel and Françoise Dossmann 

  • Dossmann family 

  • Jean-Claude Dossmann 

  • Tom and Lois Fulghum 

  • Susanne Frerichs

  • Samuel and Hélène Grandjean

  • Clark Groen 

  • Roger and Simone Guichard 

  • Gene and Ruthie Jordan 

  • Robert and Louise Jordan

  • Alfred and Heidi Kopp

  • Etienne and Virginie Krémer

  • Willis and Lois Oglesby

  • Matante Henriette Ricur 

  • Rachel Saint

  • Wallace and Rebecca Sibley

  • Fredrick and Hilda Tiedemann

World Missions Park Construction - 2021

The construction of World Missions Park took place in the spring and summer of 2021. These contractors and volunteers worked hard to make this vision become a reality:

  • Shane Allred

  • Joni Beckman

  • Brian Clark

  • Jeff Dayton

  • Tyler Dayton

  • Oliver Dossmann

  • Skip Freitag

  • Joe Gay

  • Jim Grove

  • Terence Halonie

  • Justin and Liam Hassell

  • Dylan Headrick

  • John Moses

  • Tim and Wendi Pickel

  • Bob Tolich

  • Arnold Von Hagen

  • Jacob Voss

  • Alex Woodard

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