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  • Mission to Missionaries is a God-centered faith-based Christian ministry.

  • EdenRidge cabin rental rates are intentionally very reasonable and are designed to cover only our basic operating costs including taxes, housekeeping, insurance, utilities, Internet access, and supplies. We encourage all guests, to the extent they are able, to donate additional funds so that we can continue to maintain and expand EdenRidge.   

  • All EdenRidge guests must agree with and abide by the Mission to Missionaries Statement of Faith and the EdenRidge Guest Policies. Our facility staff reserves the right at their sole discretion to cancel reservations or terminate stays if either or both is/are violated.

  • A missionary, as defined by Mission to Missionaries, is an individual or a family unit who agrees with our Statement of Faith and has served, is serving, or is on their way to serving full time under the umbrella of an evangelical missionary organization.

  • Our goal is 70% occupancy by missionaries. The remaining 30% is intended to be utilized by non-missionaries for promotional, church awareness, and to help provide financial stability to our operating fund.

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