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Sponsor a Cabin for a Year

Would you consider sponsoring a cabin for a year? Your $15,000 donation will make an 80% discount possible for all missionaries who stay in your sponsored cabin!

  • Select the cabin you would like to sponsor.

  • Receive handwritten thank you notes throughout the year from missionary guests staying in your sponsored cabin.

  • Included with your donation is the opportunity to stay at EdenRidge for a couple of nights so you can experience the cabin you are sponsoring and pray for the guests who have come or have yet to come during your sponsored year. Enjoy a meal and connecting with EdenRidge staff during your visit.

Thank you for your consideration! Please contact me to discuss the details of your sponsorship, your cabin selection, and to set a date for your visit.



Oliver Dossmann
President, EdenRidge

Tel. 731.695.1206

Oliver Dossmann Signature.jpg
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