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Vaughn and Maralee 2019.JPG

Vaughn and Maralee Groen

Hospitality Directors

Vaughn and Maralee began their role at EdenRidge as Hospitality Directors on September 1, 2019, after moving from New London, Wisconsin, where they served for 12 years as hosts and managers of a ministry retreat called Shalom House. 


Their passion is to provide the best guest experience possible for missionaries, pastors, church leaders, and their families who come to EdenRidge. They handle reservations and correspondence with guests prior to and during their stay. Their favorite part is meeting the guests and hearing their God stories. 


As part of Guest Relations, they oversee the volunteer Welcome Team by training them and coordinating the daily schedule for hosting at the Welcome Center.


They serve with Oliver in managing the operations of EdenRidge, meeting with him regularly, and making ministry decisions. 


Knowing that the standard of excellence is important at EdenRidge, they try to uphold that value in everything they do. 


Providing our guests with substantial discounts is possible because EdenRidge isn't paying salaries to staff like us. Our living expenses are met by those who catch the vision of this ministry and give to support us, enabling us to serve as Hospitality Directors. Your prayers and gifts are needed and appreciated. Thank you!

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