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EdenRidge Books

In the Resource Room of the Welcome Center you will find a selection of books related to spiritual life and ministry; topics we hope you will find helpful during your time of spiritual refreshment here at EdenRidge.

The books are shelved in alphabetical order by author within each of the topics:

  • (BT) Biblical Themes

  • (B) Biography

  • (C/CS) Church/Current Studies

  • (M) Missions

  • S/G/D) Suffering/Grief/Death

  • R/F) Relationships/Family

  • (SL) Spiritual Life

  • (SF) Spiritual Formation

  • (L/O/T) Leadership/Organizations/Teams

  • (T/V/C) Transition/Vocation/Calling

  • (C/Y) Children/Youth

  • (F) Fiction.

If you are looking for a specific book not found on the bookshelves, let us know at and we may have a personal copy you may borrow.

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