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Christy Stumbo
Design Consultant 

Christy Stumbo comes to EdenRidge as a former missionary, having worked for 12 years in Quito, Ecuador. Over the years, Christy observed and experienced first-hand the toll that cross-cultural ministry can have on missionaries and their families. She became an advocate for developing healthy rhythms of rest and connection with God through personal retreat. She served on her mission's member care team and is currently participating in a Spiritual Formation program with the desire to become better equipped to walk alongside missionaries.

Christy is ecstatic to use her life-long passion of design to assist in creating a beautiful and restful environment for missionary guests at EdenRidge. Christy serves as the New Development Manager, coordinating the design process of new retreat facilities.

Beyond retreat ministry, member care and design, Christy is passionate about donuts with maple frosting, coffee and pine that order.


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