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The astounding sound of electric guitar (by Bob Hartman - founder, songwriter, and electric guitarist for Petra) and classical guitar (by Daniel Dossmann - an accomplished classical guitarist) is sure to make this one of your favorite instrumental albums!

Bob Hartman is best known as the founder, songwriter, and lead guitarist for the Christian rock band Petra, selling nearly 10 million albums and nominated for 13 Grammy awards, winning four, and winning 10 Dove Awards. As one of the most influential and respected Christian rock bands for over three decades, Bob toured around the world with Petra. Today, he and his wife Kim and their son Jeff live in Fairfield Glade, Tennessee.

Daniel Dossmann was an accomplished classical guitarist, composer, and music instructor who participated in over forty professional recordings. He and his wife Françoise are from France. They have been missionaries with Reach Beyond/HCJB since 1983 and were involved in French radio production. They moved to Fairfield Glade, Tennessee, to be close to their son Oliver and his family. Daniel passed away on August 8, 2018: "Guitar and the Gospel: Daniel Dossmann Shared Christ’s Love Through Music." Françoise still lives in Fairfield Glade.  

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