Missions Throughout the World

World Missions Park - Phase 2

Coming in 2023

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We are pleased to announce the expansion of World Missions Park: Missions Throughout the World. The expanded area will feature a prayer chapel, 2,500 engraved bricks with the names of missionaries and Christian workers from around the world, and seven educational plaques that will walk visitors through the history and status of missions throughout the world.

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Sample bricks

Platform Sponsorships 

The seven plaques will tell the story of missions on each of the six continents, with the seventh focusing on missions in the digital era. Each plaque will be mounted on a  12' by 12' concrete platform sized for a bench, a lamp post, and 350 engraved bricks. Each platform will cost $2,000 to build as follows:

  • Plaque & pedestal: $750

  • Concrete: $750

  • Bench: $250

  • Lamp post: $250

We are seeking seven sponsoring businesses, churches, or individuals to fund the construction of the seven platforms.  Contact Oliver Dossmann at oliver@edenridge.org to learn more or to discuss sponsoring a platform. 

2,500 Engraved Bricks

Once the platforms are built, engraved bricks will be installed as they are sold. The bricks are intended to be engraved with the names of missionaries and Christian workers including pastors, church staff, teachers, and anyone involved in Christian ministry. Bricks will be sold for $125 each. 


Frequently Asked Questions

When will the engraved bricks be available for purchase?  September 1, 2022 


How much will the bricks cost?  Bricks will be sold for $125 each (plus 9.75% sales tax for Tennessee orders)

What information will go on each brick?  Top line: full name; middle line: organization; bottom line: location

Can I order multiple bricks to be placed together?  Yes, as long as the bricks are purchased within the same quarter. Email us at office@edenridge.org to let us know that you’ve purchased multiple bricks and that you would like them placed together. 

Are brick purchases tax deductible?  Unfortunately, brick purchases are not tax-deductible in accordance with IRS guidelines. 

How often will newly ordered bricks be installed?  The first batch of bricks will be installed in the spring of 2023 (the deadline to order those bricks will be December 31, 2022). Thereafter, bricks will be installed quarterly.