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Vaughn and Maralee Groen

Hospitality Directors


Having grown up in the same church in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, a suburb of Milwaukee, our families knew one another for many years before we married in June 1976.


Most of our married life we lived in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where we worked for various Christian organizations, including Zondervan Corp., Radio Bible Class (now known as Our Daily Bread Ministries), Honey Creek Christian Homes, and Wedgwood Christian Services. Vaughn has over 20 years experience working with youth, having served in Christian residential treatment agencies and as a Youth Pastor. Maralee’s focus has been administrative, particularly in the area of music production coordination.


In 2006, God brought us back to Wisconsin to serve in a pastor/missionary care ministry. For 12 years we were the hosts, caretakers, and managers of Shalom House, a ministry retreat in New London, Wisconsin. Shalom House was part of Pinnacle Ministries in Mosinee, Wisconsin, until October 2015 when Rawhide, Inc. acquired it. Rawhide served at-risk youth, which included intensives called Parent Weekends for the boys and parents two weekends each month. Our role was serving as hospitality couple/hosts for the parents as we welcomed them to Shalom House, preparing and serving them meals, and engaging with them as an evangelistic outreach. God had broadened the ministry of Shalom House from serving His servants (pastors, missionaries, and church leaders) to also serving broken, hurting families without Christ.


Rawhide suspended Parent Weekends and closed Shalom House at the end of 2018. Very quickly, God opened the door for us to serve as Hospitality Directors at EdenRidge, a ministry retreat on the Cumberland Plateau in East Tennessee. We’re excited to be part of this growing, thriving, and effective ministry of excellence. Once the Welcome Center is completed, that’s where you’ll be able to find us.